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Bruce Hawkins of Arkansas

Bruce Hawkins of Arkansas developed a love of politics during his childhood. Bruce Hawkins of Arkansas can vividly remember coming downstairs in the morning as a child to see adults gathered around the table discussing policy while his Mother made pot after pot of coffee. His father was elected the County Sheriff of Conway County, Arkansas. Both of his parents instilled a love of politics and giving back to those in need with Bruce at an early age.

Bruce Hawkins started to dip his toes into politics back in high school. Hawkins first campaign for Student Council President was a great success. During his time at the University of Central Arkansas, Bruce Hawkins of Arkansas served as a member of the Student Senate. It was during his time at University of Central Arkansas that Bruce Hawkins considered going on to law school, but his high school sweetheart was awaiting him back home in Morrilton. The day after graduation, Bruce Hawkins returned home and got married to his wife Phyllis. With Phyllis by his side, Bruce Hawkins opened Hawkins Insurance in 1979. Bruce’s ability to connect with people quickly helped establish Hawkins Insurance as a go-to full-service insurance company in the region.

As the business grew, Bruce Hawkins of Arkansas started to understand that he preferred the aspects of his job that allowed him to connect with and help people. The Hawkins family decided to sell aspects of their business that didn’t involve life and health insurance. This allowed Hawkins to focus on the parts of his job that he excelled at and enjoyed. Throughout the early years of Hawkins Insurance, the love of politics remained strong with Hawkins. So, when the opportunity came to run for an open seat in the Arkansas State Legislature presented itself, Bruce Hawkins of Arkansas jumped at the chance.

The incumbent representative of the Arkansas State Legislature decided he was going to make a run for the senate. After a successful election that saw Hawkins receive more than 70 percent of the vote, in his early 20’s, Hawkins was elected as the newest member of the Arkansas House of Representatives in 1983. Bruce Hawkins went on to represent his Arkansas constituents for more than a decade. His tenure saw him serve as a member of the Agriculture and Economic Development Committee, Revenue and Taxation Committee, Legislative Audit Committee, House Rules Committee, Legislative Council and more. He was unaware of it at the time, but his experience in the House prepared him for his future career as the head of DBH Management Consultants of Arkansas.

Once his tenure in the House was complete, Hawkins decided to take the opportunity to exit politics and spend more time with son and his insurance company. Hawkins influence in Arkansas caused many acquaintances and friends to reach out to him in need of a favor or guidance. One such instance, led to the origin of DBH Management Consulting. A friend called Bruce to put him in touch with the President of the Arkansas Athletic Trainers Association. The President of the Association did not have a license and needed to establish a proper licensure process. Bruce Hawkins used his connections to establish a license in the next legislative session. Word got around town that Bruce Hawkins of Arkansas was successful, and the phone kept ringing with requests. It was then that DBH Management was born. Soon after, a friend told Bruce that DBH Management sounded like a construction company. Taking his friend’s advice, Bruce added consulting to the end of his new company’s name. DBH Management Consulting was officially launched. Bruce loved lobbying from the start and his passion for giving a voice to the voiceless has led to decade after decade of success.

Almost all of the clients that DBH Management Consulting started with in the 1980’s remain clients today. Bruce Hawkins of Arkansas has always had an ability to form life-long relationships. This trait has not only allowed Hawkins to collect 99.9% of his business through word-of-mouth recommendations, but it’s also helped him attract some of the top lobbying talent in the industry today. Bruce and his wife Phyllis have welcomed Camie Boggess, Lee Ann Dietz, and Michael Lamoreux to the team. All these members have played a pivotal role in making DBH Management Consulting widely recognized by the members of the Arkansas General Assembly as one of the predominant lobbying firm in the state. In 1996, when Bruce Hawkins of Arkansas founded his firm, he had a vision for a company built on honesty, communication, trust, and integrity. His coworkers embody that vision every day for the clients of DBH Management Consulting.

As a leader, Bruce Hawkins of Arkansas, has a lot of insights to share with the world. He also has a lot of other passions that the world may be curious to learn more about. Future blog posts will cover all of this and more, so be sure to check back often!

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